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Two luxury villas with a private beach in Akrotiri

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Selling price: 4 700 000 EUR
Living space: 300 m²
Land space: 6000 m²

Advantages: Pool, Near the beach, Access to the beach, Jacuzzi, Garden, TV Satellite, Internet, Fireplace, Phone, Parking spaces

Amazing plot in Tavronitis very close to the beach

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Selling price: 330 000 EUR
Land space: 2400 m²

Advantages: Near the beach, Garden

Plot of land in quiet location with olive grove & great view over Souda Bay!

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Selling price: 150 000 EUR
Living space: 1850 m²

Advantages: Near the beach, Garden, Access to the beach

Company profile

A note to our Clients

You can encounter two types of homes and apartments on Crete, namely:




1. Homes are built by developers for sale, and designated for tourists, foreigners during the tourist season.

Homes of this kind, frequently called “summer homes” are highly advertised.  These properties are usually characterized by their minimum plot size since developers aim to obtain the most homes on a small area.

The homes are built without ventilation conduits and are not designed for living during the fall and winter months due to the lack of heating and termal insulation.

Residing in such homes beyond the summer season is uncomforatable and leads to various unpleasant problems.



2.  Solidly constructed homes built to live in by the owners, who watch over all stages of the construction process.

These homes are designated for comfortable year-round living, designed to meet the needs of owners coming from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Estonia, Poland, USA and Canada.

The investors mentioned are typically enjoying retirement already, fulfilling their dreams of spending this time in their lives on Crete.

Others, still actively working, have built homes on this beautiful Greek island so they can enjoy guaranteed sunny summers, a clean and warm ocean and the possibility for mountain and bike expeditions in the remaining part of the year.

In many cases, property ownership facilitates alternate use by other family members and friends.

The internet along with easy travel make it possible to join continued professional work with an extended stay on Crete.

Another group of valuable properties built or purchased for permanent residence by the owner, is the offer of tenement houses and flats in the Old Port of Chania.

These “investor pearls”, properties located in the Old Town in Chania, very rarely show up in the property market and are valued both by Greek and foreign investors.

They are deemed an outstanding capital investment.

Our offer includes homes and apartments, and is comprised entirely of

year-round properties built or purchased as an owner residence.


Guests planing to stay on Crete and interested in purchasing real estate, we meet personally at the airport or the marine port.

During your visit, Mrs Anna will present the prepared real estate offers and present their owners, with whom you can meet directly to set the purchase-sale details.

We also provide assistance:

  • Care related to lodging, sight-seeing, transportation, health services, etc.
  • Translation into Polish, Greek, Russian and English
  • Assistance in obtaining bank credit for real estate purchase
  • Legal assistance related to services involving the purchase of real estate, notary, lawyer, tax and immigration services
  • Building services for construction and renovation
  • Care over real estate in the scope of cleaning, technical services, repairs and garden services
  • Services of a proven and competent helsman and yacht mechanic
  • Complete and professional care over handicapped persons
  • Taking care of all administrative and related matters in Greek offices and institutions
  • Rental of vacation homes and apartments.

In particular, we recommend homes and apartments directly adjacent to the beach, situated on the south coast of Crete.

Transacitons of our customers are handled by proven and competent

attorneys, notaries, building engineers and accountants.








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